Salesian Spirituality

Inspired Common Sense

According to St. Francis DeSales, all of us are called to be holy people. Holiness, he said, is not just for nuns or priests or martyrs.

Today's world takes this for granted, but in the sixteenth century it was a new concept. Ordinary people doing ordinary things with great love can be saints--not just the rich, the important, the famous. We all should live in a spirit of "profound humility toward God and of great gentleness to our neighbor."

Salesian Spirituality asks us to live authentically, true to God and to ourselves: "Be who you are, and be that well" was one of De Sales' favorite sayings.

Salesian Spirituality is relational: Francis realized that we find God in the center of our hearts. The inmost being of our hearts is focused on relationships--not only with God, but with all those who are part of our lives. For Francis and his followers friendships are vital to our spiritual journey, and it is important to treat our friends with loving care.

Thus Salesian Spirituality emphasizes the "little Virtues": being charitable to one another, refusing to gossip, avoiding petty meanness. Kindness, simplicity, courtesy, anticipating others' needs, and patiently enduring minor upsets, together with prayer and great confidence in God, will transform us - and we will be saints!

St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane Frances de Chantal

In a stained glass window located in our Chapel of the Sacred Heart, Saint Francis de Sales is pictured giving the constitutions of the religious order to Saint Jane de Chantal.