Every Day is an Adventure


Our life is a balance of prayer and work, community and solitude. The Chapel of the Sacred Heart at Visitation features a painting of Martha and Mary, with Jesus standing in between them--Jesus, who embodies the best qualities of both women, who integrates perfectly the contemplative and active aspects of our lives.

That is what we strive to achieve.


Daily Mass celebrated together in community is the focus of our lives as a Eucharistic people. The Liturgy of the Hours, also know as the "Office", is centuries-old. It marks the progression of the day with a beautiful mingling of psalms, chant, and scripture. Morning Prayer is a song of praise; Office of Readings and Mid-Day Prayer offer the opportunity to enrich and examine our day as it is unfolding. Evening Prayer celebrates the day's unique encounter with God; Night Prayer invites us into the peace and silence of the night hours. Every day, regular periods of private prayer and spiritual reading deepen our commitment to pray daily for the needs of the world. All are welcome to join us for Mass or for the Liturgy of the Hours.


Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, a single sex high school for girls, is our most important active apostolate. All of the sisters are involved in some aspect of our ministry to the students and alumnae, their families and friends. Some nuns teach occasionally; some moderate clubs; many are "home room" sisters. The students' lives weave into ours. Sisters attend school Masses, athletic events, concerts and dramatic performances frequently. Some become mentors, many dear friends. Every sister is interested in the girls and prays earnestly for each of them.


Sisters also work in the monastery, sometimes together in common and sometimes alone. They care for the sacristy, plan liturgies and work closely with Campus Ministry. Their duties include responsibilities in the monastery business office, the archives, the kitchen, and the garden. For fun they can watch football on tv, play games, sing, work out, participate in the students' recreational activities, and enjoy spending time with each other.

Little things done with great love make this House of God a warm and welcoming community as well as a House of Prayer. Every day God's Providence brings blessings.

Jesus, Martha, and Mary.

Daily life in our community.

"Simplicity towards God consists in seeking Him only in all our actions, whether we are going to the Office, to the refectory or to recreation."

St. Jane de Chantal